Lil Wayne, "Don't Know What McDonald's Smell Like" And Stays Fit Inner G Complete Wellness

Lil Wayne hasn't eaten fast-food in forever...

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. A.K.A. Lil Wayne gives insight to how he stays so fit and in shape at the age of 40. According to Essentially Sports, Lil Wayne, revealed that he doesn't do a lot of heavy lifting in the gym. Instead, Lil Wayne has committed to creating a lifestyle which revolves around home-made meals and skateboarding activity. 

Even though people usually search for the best bodybuilding routines or the newest fitness programs, it seems Lil Wayne has made a point that it's all subjective. 

In a show, Lil Wayne explains how his mom always wanted him to have a personal chef when they moved from New Orleans. He stated since the age of 19, he has always had a personal chef and that he doesn't even know what McDonald's smell like. He hasn't eaten any fast food in forever. 


With the combination of home-made meals and skateboard activity, Lil Wayne has managed to keep a fit body and basically does what works for him.

At the end of the day, it's all about discovering what works for you individually while casually learning what others are using to accomplish their goals. 



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 You take a little from this person and a little from that person to come up with your own routine while you measure the results. 

Consistency is key and discipline will get you through the tough moments.

What routine are you currently using and what's been working or not working?

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