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Did Machine Gun Kelly Get A Hair Transplant?

According to The U.S. Sun, rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, receive a hair transplant procedure which explains why he has appeared with a fuller and thicker hairline. 

His hair stylist shared that the rapper admitted to having thin hair, according to the blog Hair Dryer Fair.

MGK, like many other men, decided to get a hair transplant surgery in order to prevent his head from going bald. 

Across the web many reports of celebrities receiving a hair transplant include; Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx, Elon Musk, Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage and many more. 

Men all over, including Machine G*n Kelly are being saved with the “Hair Transplant”


Back in the day, men had no options for dealing with the traditional male pattern baldness but thousands of men, including celebrities, have began to speak out about the success of the hair transplant procedure.

 I know that a lot of men lose confidence when they begin to lose hair. Hopefully this procedure continues to be safe and not harm anyone!

What do you guys think? Are you getting the procedure if you start going bald?

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