Weeks 1-2: Foundations of Barbering and Grooming

  • Module 1: Introduction to Barbering
  • Module 2: DIY Haircuts and Basic Techniques
  • Module 3: Personal Branding and Image

Weeks 3-4: Aspiring Barber Journey

  • Module 4: Aspiring Barber Skills
  • Module 5: Navigating the Business Side
  • Module 6: Marketing and Client Acquisition

Weeks 5-6: Crafting Expert Barber & Grooming Business

  • Module 7: Crafting Your Barber Business Plan
  • Module 8: Social Media Mastery for Barbers

Weeks 7-8: Barber Coaching and Program Integration

  • Module 9: Barber Coaching Program Introduction
  • Module 10: Coaching Session: Personalized Guidance
  • Module 11: Final Project – Business Plan Submission
  • Module 12: Program Recap and Next Steps

This 8-week curriculum provides a structured progression from foundational skills to advanced business strategies. Adjust the content based on the depth of each module and the pace you want to set for your participants. If needed, you can extend the program to 10 or 12 weeks for a more in-depth exploration of each topic.