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Inner G Complete Wellness

Natural Beard Growth Oil - The Professional Scent

Natural Beard Growth Oil - The Professional Scent

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Introducing a beard oil that defends against dry, coarse and broken hairs that can cause a less full and unkept-looking beard.

Made with a proprietary blend of four powerful natural oils, Inner G Complete beard oil protects facial hair against the elements and moisturizes the skin underneath to help prevent dry, flaky and irritated-looking skin. Jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes. Argan oil tames frizz. Sweet almond oil smooths and softens beard hair. 

It’s the perfect final line of defense in a routine for men of all skin types, ages and ethnicities.


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Ingredients and Directions


Virgin Argan Oil, Pure Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Scented With Premium Inner G Complete Grade Fragrance Oils.


 Shake Before Use. Drop A Dime Sized Amount Of Beard Oil On Your Palm. Apply From Skin To Tip Of Beard. Ensure You Put The Oil On Your Skin. 


Store In A Cool Dry Place. Net Contents 1oz (30ml). This Product Contains Tree Nut Oils And Natural Botanicals. Allergy Sufferers Test Before Use. 

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Our Beard Products Address The Most Common Beard Problems

Itchy Beard

The use of our current beard oil is specifically made to relieve beard itch on the skin. We are also currently crafting a special blend of beard wash & conditioner that will aide in the relief of beard itch.

Flaky Beard

Our beard oil will moisturize and soothe flaky skin underneath the beard so that you don't have to worry about flakes of dry skin falling out when grooming your beard. Your t-shirts will appreciate this.

Dry Beard

Our premium beard butter is designed to moisten and soften the beard hair in order to prevent dry brittle beard.

Breaking Beard Hair

It is important to notice when your beard hair is breaking or cracking. Our premium beard butter will prevent hair from breaking. However if you notice split ends(hair splitting) then you must trim the beard to get rid of them.

Skin Inflammation

If the skin appears inflamed it is best to shampoo and condition the beard and skin. After cleansing the skin make sure you use our natural beard growth oil daily in order to soothe the skin.

Beard Bumps

Beard bumps usually happen for a couple of reasons. You may need exfoliate and cleanse the skin of dirt underneath the beard. Or, you may have ingrown hair and using an anti-bump cream can help reduce the ingrown hair. Be sure to use a clean brush, instead of finger nails, to scratch any beard itch. Our beard oil will help reduce any beard itch and soothe the skin.

Greasy Beard

Our beard product are not greasy and a little goes a long way. Try not to over-use our product. As long as you use our beard product daily, you should not have to use an excessive amount.

Patchy Beard

Our beard butter and beard oil works together along with beard brushing to help fill in gaps and reduce the size of beard patches with consistent use.

Smelly Beard

Our beard butter and beard oil will get rid of smelly beard. Our products contain natural essential oil fragrances that will leave your beard smelling amazing.

Bad Beard Products

Some people get stuck using beard products that work against your beard. Our products are designed with a special blend of butters, oils, fragrances and vitamins that keep your beard healthy and looking great.

Dirty Beard

We are currently crafting a special blend of beard wash & conditioner that will leave your beard and skin feeling soft, clean and rejuvenated. Our beard wash & conditioner will work synergistically with our beard butter and beard oil.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it help a patchy thin beard grow and soften it?

Yes our beard butter and oil work together to keep your beard full, soft and add a little shine to it without feeling greasy. We recommend brushing your beard regularly to assist in filling in the patches while you use the product.

Which scent do you recommend?

Our best selling scents are Warrior, Pearwood and Sweet 60's. Our customers love all our scents.

How is it free when you still have to pay for shipping and handling?

Sometimes we offer products that are totally free with your order, however the USPS will still charge a small shipping fee to get the product to you in a short time.

Can you recommend something for beard dandruff?

Our beard oil works very well for beard dandruff. We are also currently crafting a special beard wash and conditioner that will be able to aide in relieving beard dandruff as well. Stay tuned.

Do you have to do a complete shave before starting the products?

No, you do not need to do a complete shave before starting. We recommend a beard shampoo and condition before using the products. Make sure you're brushing your beard along the way.

Will it help my beard? I'm 68 year's old and my beard is getting thin.

Yes it will help your beard. Our beard butter will protect your hair from becoming dry and breaking off. Our beard oil will make sure your skin stays moisturized so it doesn't become chapped and flaky.

If it works on beards, it must work on hair?

Yes, a lot of people rub the excess oil and butter from their hands into their hair as well.

How do I get a free sample offer if I'm interested?

From time to time we offer free samples on our website. Just click the link around this post and usually a pop up appears on our site with a code for free sample product.

When will you guys have the beard soap in stock?

We are currently working on crafting the perfect beard wash and conditioner. Stay tuned. ETA 2023.